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Here at Gavin Duncan Photography, we specialise in photographing properties throughout central Scotland. Areas covered include Falkirk, West Lothian, Stirling, Fife & Perth. Our services of Property Photography, Property Videography, Professional Floorplans, 36o Virtual Tours & Aerial Photography are designed to support Estate agents, homeowners, landlords and accommodation hosts market their properties to their full potential.

Services We Offer:
Property Photography
Property Videography
Professional Floorplans
360 Virtual Tours
Aerial Photography & Video

Why should You use a professional property photographer?

First Impressions Count

When listing a property for sale or rent, those first few days on RightMove, On The Market or Zoopla are vital and therefore using professional photography and videography when listing your property will leave a lasting impression to those searching for a new home.

Efficient Viewings

As a homeowner selling a property, it can be stressful to prepare a home for regular viewings especially. By being transparent with your property listing you will find that your viewings become far more efficient. By presenting potential buyers or tenants with Professional Photographs, videography and a Floorplan when listing your home, you are allowing them to visualise how a property would work for them without additional questions or uncertainty.

Taking Control Of Selling Your Home

Although many estate agents provide professional photography and videography as part of there service, there are many others who don't value its importance. Some estate agents choose to manage the marketing content in house but as a homeowner you have every right to provide your own property photography, video or floorplans if you see fit.

Quick & Professional

Here at Gavin Duncan we deliver professionally edited Property photography, videography and floorplans back to our clients in just 48 Hours. We do not charge per photo and instead create an online gallery for each property we visit, showcasing each room from multiple angles to show off its features.

Are you an Homeowner looking for a professional Photographer?

Are you a homeowner seeking to capture the essence and beauty of your property with stunning photography? Whether you're preparing to list your home on the market, allow us to capture its unique features and charm.

Here's why you should consider enlisting the services of a professional photographer:

  1. Showcasing Your Home's Best Features: Our Professional photographers have an eye for detail and composition, allowing them to highlight your home's most attractive features in the best possible light. From architectural details to interior design elements, professional photography can accentuate the beauty and character of your property.
  2. Creating a Lasting Impression: In today's digital age, first impressions in the property market are al most always made online. High-quality photos, a dynamic video and professional floorplan can make your home stand out from the competition. Captivate potential buyers or renters from the moment they view your listing. Professional photography sets the stage for a positive and memorable viewing experience, enticing viewers to explore your property further and visualise living there themselves.
  3. Maximizing Marketing Potential: Whether you're selling or renting out your property, professional photography and video can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. Professionally edited images attract more attention and engagement, leading to increased enquiries and viewings.
  4. Increasing Property Value: Perception plays a crucial role in the property market. High-quality photos convey a sense of quality, luxury, and value, influencing how potential buyers or tenants perceive your property. By investing in professional photography, you can elevate the value of your home and potentially command a higher selling price or monthly rent..
  5. Saving Time and Effort: While it may be tempting to take photos of your home yourself, professional photographers bring expertise and efficiency to the table. They know how to capture the essence of your property quickly and effectively, saving you time and effort in the process. With professional photography, you can focus on other aspects of preparing your home for sale or rental while ensuring that your property is showcased in the best possible light.

In summary, professional photography is a valuable investment for homeowners looking to showcase their properties in the best possible light. From creating lasting impressions to maximizing marketing potential, professional photos can make all the difference in attracting potential buyers or renters and achieving your real estate goals. So why settle for an estate agent taking basic photographs themselves when you can showcase your home's extraordinary beauty with professional photography.


Property Photography In Falkirk

Investing in high-quality visual content, homeowners can market their properties to a wider audience and command a higher sales figure.

In a competitive market where first impressions are everything, investing in professional property photography is not just a luxury, but a necessity when selling a home. With Gavin Duncan Photography, you can be confident that each and every property will be showcased to its full potential, helping you improve efficiency within your business and stand out in the property industry.