Preparing your home for the property market

Our goal at Gavin Duncan Photography, is to attract potential buyers to your listing. We want them to see your home in it's best light.

A few minutes preparation can really make a big difference on how your home is viewed.

So here is our advice on how to get your house ready for it's photoshoot.

Property Photography Scotland

Complimentary blue sky swaps

whilst photographing properties in Scotland, we are often at the mercy of the weather. It has been known for the odd grey sky or a little rain to make an appearance. So we will swap out that dull or broody sky for a nice sunny blue sky, attracting more buyers to your listing.

Property Photography Scotland

Window views

If your property benefits from a city or scenic view, we will always aim to showcase this. It is a major selling point after all.

How do I prepare my spaces for property photography

Our simplest and best advice - Declutter & depersonalise.

It may seem sterile or clinical, but that really is what looks best in property photographs. Having no clutter in your rooms will draw the potential buyer to the space. It will also help them envisage how the space would look with their belongings in it. So they start to see it as their potential new home, rather than draw the attention to your items which are in the space.

Property Photography top 10 tips

It's all in the prep

*Take any cars off the driveway
*Hide your wheelie bins (Often in the garage)
*Cage or remove pets
*Remove shoes & coats from hallways
*Remove personal items you don't want shared
*Remove toiletries from bathrooms, ensuites & W/C's
*All beds clothes should be neat & tidy
*Open all blinds to let in natural light
*Remove dishes & draining racks from kitchen
*Set out garden furniture if applicable

Fade into the shadows

When having your property photographed. It's best if all occupants plan on being off the property or in an area where they remain unseen by the camera. Often there are reflective surfaces which will show any occupants who think they are out of the picture. Sometimes, this means even I have to duck round a corner to hide too. We also take images of hallways where there are several rooms overlapping. People standing in adjacent rooms can cause shadows in your pictures. Tripods and lighting equipment may also be set up in your property and having homeowners present could cause a trip hazard or a risk to this equipment.

Property Marketing Slideshow

Property marketing

Let us here at Gavin Duncan Photography take care of all your property marketing needs. From Professional photography, Floorplans and 360 degree virtual tours.

Property photography round up

  • Declutter, remove excess items from rooms such as jackets and shoes. These can be stored in a closet or cupboard as these aren't photographed.
  • Clean tv screens, fingerprints and smeers can show up in photographs.
  • Remove kids artwork and magnets from refrigerators.
  • Oven gloves, towels & draining racks are best hidden out the way.
  • If larger items such as footstools can be cleared, it will make your space look larger.

By spending just a few minutes preparing your house for photography, it may mean it spends less time on the ,arket and attracts much more interest from potential buyers.